Top 5 must have products to have

Now, before we begin to tell you what we recommend you buy to protect yourself, we of course have to make sure that we tell you one important thing. Check with your local laws as to what is legal to carry on your person. There are some states, cities, and municipalities that will not allow you to carry, for example, pepper spray on your person. If you are looking to carry a firearm in your purse, then you will have to learn more about CCW laws, and the type of license you need to carry any kind of weapon on your person.

With that being said, these are the 5 must have’s to carry in your pocket or purse. You may choose to only have one of these on you, or a couple, but we wanted to give you some options.

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Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to Ultimate Self Defense Products, and our blog discussing¬†different ways to protect yourself. As stated in our About Page, we like to make sure that we run the gamut in letting you know what products you can use to protect yourself, but there’s some things that you can do for yourself to not put yourself in rough situations, where there may be danger lurking. That’s where we’ll start.

1. If you are walking into a low-traffic area late at night, try to make sure you have someone with you. This lets a potential attacker stray, as they would not want to take on two people.

2. If possible, park your car in well-lit areas. Attackers are going to target people in poorly lit locations.

3. If you have to walk by yourself, try to maintain a loud voice. Attackers are more often than not going to prey on potential victims who are silent or not talking on the phone.

4. Avoid shortcuts. Walk the longest way to your destination if it’s well lit.

5. If you feel like you’re being followed by someone, either on foot, or while driving, don’t go home. Keep driving around or go to the police station. You never want to stop some place where you will be vulnerable.

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